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Honoree Thomas L. Tykodi
December 10, 1956 – March 29, 2016

If you were lucky enough to know Tom Tykodi, you might have known that he was a golfer, but unless you were one of the privileged who played in a foursome with him, you probably never knew that he wasn’t just a golfer, he was a great golfer. Tom was an outstanding scholar and MVP of the golf team at Watkins High School. His love for golf carried through college and throughout his whole life until his accident. He truly loved helping his family learn and enjoy the game as well.   It was only upon his passing that most found out he was the MVP on a lot of teams during his life.

Tom never talked about his own accomplishments, which were nu-merous. He enjoyed golfing, biking, bowling and volunteering. He gave his time to Habitat for Humanity, The Red Cross, Faith Mission, Little League coaching, New Albany UMC Choir and bell choir and in his spare time used his rapier wit to caption cartoons both locally and nationally. Tom was one of the original members of the New Albany Chorus, the first program supported by the NAAC in 1993. He was our MVP. Tom was the MVP of every “team” he played on, and we all thought he only “played” for “our” team, because he gave 110% to everyone. Tom valued his time serving the community and always put others’ needs before his own.

Tom was severely injured on Sunday, May 6, 2012, when he was ejected from his bicycle while riding on a rural road near his home. The force of this fall left him paralyzed from the chest down. In spite of fighting the good fight for nearly four years, he passed away March 29, 2016 from complications from the accident. Tom’s daughter, Becky, summed up his life perfectly:

“Dad passed away last night at home peacefully. Everyone is asking what they can do. This is it. Give your time. 10 minutes now and then some time throughout your life giving to others. Spend a few minutes thinking about the kind of man he was, always wanting to help oth-ers, and never worrying about himself. Then decide a time (today, tomorrow, every Friday, every month on the 29th, every year on March 29th, etc.) that you are going to do something for someone else and get nothing in return. A good deed, giving blood, volunteer-ing, whatever it may be. If you can't think of something, please pick one of the organizations dad cared about and give your time to them.

That's what would help. That's what he would want. Feel free to share this, the more people helping others, the better. Make the world a better place by giving since he no longer can.”

We believe he is still giving.


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About the New Albany Arts Council

In 1993, a handful of art enthusiasts, through the vision of local artist Harold Cooper, formed the New Albany Arts Council with the mission of promoting an appreciation for and the participation in the arts by our residents.

Today we proudly sponsor the New Albany Chorus and New Albany Winds Band, year-round programs for teens through adults. Our youth theatre troupe, Rose Run Players, brings national recognition to the community through its award-winning performance, and the pro-gram has expanded to include musical theater workshops for primary age children, as well as a youth singing group, Center Stage Singers. In addition to programming, two musical concerts are presented eve-ry year, Concert on the Commons in the summer and Night Moves Concert in the fall.

The New Albany Arts Council has been here through it all, watching the area grow from a sleepy Village to a vibrant City. While the de-mographics and population are ever changing, and our programming changes with it, the love for the arts and appreciation for its positive effect on the quality of life remain the same for our citizens.


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